2013 – Ruddigore

Ruddigore poster
Ruddigore poster


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd
Graham Weston
Richard Dauntless
Leon Waksberg
Sir Despard Murgatroyd
Gordon Fawcett
Sir Roderick Murgatroyd
David Parker
Old Adam Goodheart
Bobbie Greatorex
Rose Maybud
Maggie Lowe
Mad Margaret
Valerie Green
Dame Hannah
Jane Fawcett
Catherine Jackson
Pauline Hepkin
Peter Bolton

Chorus of Professional Bridesmaids

Kath Lowe, Suzanne Parker, Victoria Parker and Liz Zserdicky

Chorus of Villagers

Helen Bolton, Nadine Briggs, Margaret Charlesworth, Amy Downes, Jenny Grove, Mary-Jane Mullins, Barbara Nash, and Jennifer Whittam

Chorus of Villagers, City Gentlemen and Ancestors

Peter Bolton, Richard Briggs, Tim Butler, Clive Daniel, Tony Johnson, Andy Laverick, Ernie Lowe, Graham Robson, Paul Ruddlesdin, and Jay Whittam


Katie Budenberg, Robyn Knowles and Livvy Wilson

Production Team

Producer and Musical Director
James Newby
Norman Walker and Martin Whitaker
Stage Crew
Wakefield Theatre Royal
West Yorkshire Savoyards, Intake Methodist Musical Society, Gordon Fawcett, Tony Johnson
Tadcaster Theatre Company, West Yorkshire Savoyards, Applause With the Boyz Theatre Costumes, Gordon and Jane Fawcett, Berenice Stage Costume Hire
Wardrobe Bobbie Greatorex
Jenny and Stuart Grove, Graham Weston, Neil Smith, Gordon and Jane Fawcett
Props. Assistant
Gill Cunliffe
Ian Downes
Anthony Farrimond and Ian Downes
Dignitaries Host
Nicholas Whitaker
Front of House
Beryl Johnson

Production Photos

Wednesday 6th March – Saturday 9th March 2013

Wakefield Gilbert and Sullivan Society present a special ‘heritage’ production of Ruddigore in the historic Wakefield Theatre Royal.

With a bad baronet, a witch’s curse and a chorus of ghosts, Ruddigore is Gilbert and Sullivan’s satire of the Victorian love of melodrama and gothic horror.

Ruddigore 2013

“When the Night Wind Howls” is widely regarded as Sullivan’s finest descriptive music. Meanwhile, Gilbert applies his whimsical topsy-turvey wit to a quintessential Victorian villain – the wicked Baronet of Ruddigore who is cursed to commit a crime every day, while loving a virtuous village maiden.

In our 30th anniversary production, Wakefield Gilbert and Sullivan Society aim to take Ruddigore back to its origins with a brand new “heritage production” from Jim Newby, which will use authentic technical effects to present this frequently re-interpreted show in its full vintage gothic glory, particularly suited to the splendid Victorian setting of Wakefield Theatre Royal.

6th – 8th March 2013, 7.30pm and Saturday 9th March 2013, 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Press cuttings


This is just a brief note following my attendance at Ruddigore yesterday evening. I was delighted to be able to join you at the Theatre Royal for what was an excellent show. …

I would be most grateful if could pass on my congratulations to everyone involved in the production whether cast or crew – a job well done all round.

Chris Ingram, NODA

Over the past few years the Society has seemed to be going from strength to strength and tonight’s show was a triumph for all concerned.  Jim’s production was the best I have seen of Ruddigore for quite some time, very traditional but with some new touches – particularly lighing and the prologue during the overture. … All the principals and cast should be congratulated for their contribution to a very enjoyable, entertaining show.

Judith Hardman, Harrogate G&S Society

Came along to see Ruddigore on Friday and just wanted to congratulation your Society on a wonderful show.

Carole Holcroft, Leeds G&S Society

Really enjoyed your production.  Some nice touches which made it different.  Great performances by everyone.

Steph Roe, Batley G&S Society

… it was an exceptional production and I am sure that Gilbert and Sullivan themselves would have been equally delighted. … The casting was excellent and it was a joy to see Graham on stage again (I have been a fan of his for many years!). Old Adam was so funny – a true pro. The tea scene will stay in my memory for ever. Rose was perfect and her acting matched her singing – both very good. Mad Margaret, one of the best I have seen…. Everyone else did a magnificent job in support. … I hope I can appreciate a good show when I see one and yours certainly was. You deserved a full house and all the other G&S societies missed the treat of the year.

Carole Engel, Halifax G&S Society


Act I
In the fishing village of Rederring, Cornwall, the troupe of professional bridesmaids bewail the lack of weddings. The men are too shy to woo Rose, the most eligible maiden, and Dame Hannah remains faithful to her childhood sweetheart, Sir Roderick, a Bad Baronet of Ruddigore. Dame Hannah recounts the curse: all Baronets of Ruddigore must commit a crime a day or die in agony.

Rose confesses to Hannah her feelings for the virtuous farmer Robin. Unfortunately Robin is too shy and Rose too prim for them to express their feelings for each other.

Robin’s servant, Old Adam, addresses Robin as Sir Ruthven. It transpires that Robin is actually a Baronet of Ruddigore who fled the family home to avoid the curse and is living his life in disguise.

Richard Dauntless, Robin’s foster brother, arrives after years at sea. Richard offers to speak to Rose on Robin’s behalf but falls in love with Rose himself. Rose accepts his proposal, but when Robin reveals Richard’s character flaws she breaks the engagement and accepts Robin instead.

Mad Margaret appears. She was driven insane by love for Sir Despard, the current Baronet. The gentlemen from the city also arrive to flirt with the village girls when Sir Despard interrupts. He explains that he became baronet when his older brother Ruthven died. Richard sees his chance to get Rose back and reveals that Ruthven is alive, disguised as Robin.

At Rose and Robin’s wedding, Sir Despard reveals Robin’s true identity. In horror, Rose offers to marry Sir Despard instead, but he refuses, honouring his engagement to Mad Margaret. Rose accepts Richard, and Robin leaves to take up his real identity as Sir Ruthven.

Act II
At Ruddigore Castle, Robin (now Sir Ruthven) is failing at being a bad Baronet. His ancestral ghosts appear to haunt him, led by Sir Roderick. He and the ghosts find Robin’s weak crimes laughable and he is ordered to abduct a lady immediately or die in agony.

Sir Despard and Margaret are now a respectable married couple. They urge Robin to renounce his life of crime, so Robin resolves to defy his ancestors and the curse, but how will this be achieved?

NODA Show report

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Ruddigore on Tour

WRDA Ruddigore Poster
WRDA Ruddigore Poster

Friday 15th March 7:30pm
Wakefield Riding for the Disabled are once again hosting a Touring Production of our main show at The Aulis Hall, Pennine Community, Wood Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF4 3JL.
Tickets £12 inc. hot buffet and a drink
To purchase tickets tel 01924 241341 or wrda.org.uk
Reg Charity no. 1120760
Please come along to support this good cause.

Directions can be found here: http://www.wrda.org.uk/location.html

There is also some limited parking for the cast accessible off Boyne Hill. The audience is invited to arrive from 7pm.