2009 – The Mikado

2009 Mikado poster
2009 Mikado poster


The Mikado of Japan
Daniel Senior
Nanki-Poo (his son), disguised as a wandering minstrel
Leon Waksburg
Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu)
Graham Weston
Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else)
David Parker
Pish-Tush (a Noble Lord)
Rob Atkinson
Katisha (an elderly Lady)
Valerie Green
Yum-Yum (a Ward of Ko-Ko)
Elizabeth Blount
Pitti-Sing (a Ward of Ko-Ko)
Eleanor Beecham
Peep-Bo (a Ward of Ko-Ko)
Catherine Nuttall

Chorus of Schoolgirls: Helen Bolton, Nadine Briggs, Margaret Charlesworth, Amy Cooper, Jane Fawcett, Jenny Grove, Gill Cunliffe, Pauline Hepkin, Kath Lowe, Alice Mortimer, Mary-Jane Mullins, Barbara Nash, Terry Wheeliker, Jennifer Whittam, Liz Zserdicky

Chorus of Nobles: Peter Bolton, Richard Briggs, Tim Butler, Clive Daniel, Anthony Farrimond, Gordon Fawcett, Tony Johnson, Andy Laverick, Ernie Lowe, Phil Wheeliker, Jay Whittam

Guards: Ian Downes, Simon Phillips

Production Team

Artistic Director
Graham Weston
Musical Director
James Newby
Norman Walker
Stage manager
Jeremy Stokes, Keith Lowe
Stage Crew
Keith’s Wonders
Savoyards Appreciation Society (West Yorkshire)
Costumes and Props.
Wakefield G and S, featuring costumes purchased from Homburg’s Costumiers, Leeds
Helen Bolton, Bobbie Greatorex, Jen Whittam
Jenny Grove
Helen Hazell
Programme Editor
Jane and Gordon Fawcett
Dignitaries Hosts
Mark Briggs, Val English

Audience feedback

“The Mikado is perhaps the most loved G & S opera of all, calling for seven or eight outstanding principals.  The Wakefield Society can justly claim to have filled all the roles with outstanding principals, with Graham Weston again giving us a master-class with his portrayal of Ko-Ko.  The chorus singing was super, the good set and costumes all gave us a most enjoyable production.”

Noel Rigg (NODA rep. region 7)

The best production of the Mikado we have ever seen. Superb, witty,entertaining,wonderful costumes…

An excellent show with some superb singing and great attention to detail in the production.

Singing, acting, dancing, choregraphy, characterisation and spectacle all first class; comic and very entertaining.

Production and performance was first class as was that of every principal and performing member on stage.

A fantastic evening’s entertainment.