2008 – Patience

2008 Patience programme cover


Colonel Calverley (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
Daniel Senior
Major Murgatroyd (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
Bobbie Greatorex
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
Gordon Fawcett
Reginald Bunthorne (a Fleshly Poet)
Oliver Longstaff
Archibald Grosvenor (a Fleshly Poet)
David Parker
Mr. Bunthorne’s Solicitor
John de Tute
The Lady Angela (a Rapturous Maiden)
Valerie Green
The Lady Saphir (a Rapturous Maiden)
Shorelle Hepkin
The Lady Ella (a Rapturous Maiden)
Val English
The Lady Jane (a Rapturous Maiden)
Jane Fawcett
Patience (a Dairy Maid)
Hannah White

Chorus of Rapturous Maidens: Helen Bolton, Nadine Briggs, Margaret Charlesworth, Amy Cooper, Jenny Grove, Gill Cunliffe, Tina Greatorex, Pauline Hepkin, Kath Lowe, Mary-Jane Mullins, Barbara Nash, Jennifer Whittam, Liz Zserdicky

Chorus of Dragoon Guards: Peter Bolton, Richard Briggs, Clive Daniel, Tony Johnson, Andy Laverick, Ernie Lowe, Simon Phillips, Jay Whittam, Martin Whitaker

Production Team

Artistic Director
Graham Weston
Musical Director
James Newby
Jean Manning
Stage manager
Keith Lowe
Stage Crew
Keith’s Wonders
Savoyards Appreciation Society (West Yorkshire)
Costumes and Props.
Homburgs Costume Hire and Wakefield G & S
Helen Bolton, Jen Whittam
Jenny Grove
Helen Hazell
Programme Editor
Jane and Gordon Fawcett
Dignitaries Hosts
Mark Briggs