2004 – Princess Ida

2004 - Princess Ida, programme cover
2004 – Princess Ida, programme cover


King Hildebrand
Martin Whitaker
Hilarion (his Son)
Oliver Longstaff
Cyril (Hilarion’s Friend)
David Neild
Florian (Hilarion’s Friend)
Daniel Senior
King Gama
Bobbie Greatorex
Arac (King Gama’s Son)
David Parker (Mike Bratley in the matinee)
Guron (King Gama’s Son)
Ernie Lowe
Scynthius (King Gama’s Son)
Bryan Kirkham
Princess Ida (King Gama’s Daughter)
Valerie Green
Lady Blanche (Prof. of Abstract Science)
Jean Manning
Lady Psyche (Prof. of Humanities)
Jane Fawcett
Melissa (Lady Blanche’s Daughter)
Elizabeth Dixon
Sacharissa (a Girl Graduate)
Catherine Nuttall
Chloe (a Girl Graduate)
Val English
Ada (a Girl Graduate)
Liz Zserdicky

Chorus of Soldiers, Courtiers, “Girl Graduates”, “Daughters of the Plough” etc. Helen Bolton, Peter Bolton, Nadine Briggs, Richard Briggs, Tim Butler, Margaret Charlesworth, Gill Cunliffe, Gordon Fawcett, Ian Gentles, Tina Greatorex, Jenny Grove, Kaeren Harrison, Sheila Hargreaves, Beryl Johnson, Tony Johnson, Mary-Jane Mullins, Barbara Nash, Stan Parkinson, Eric Smith, Pat Smith, Jay Whittam, Jennifer Whittam

Production Team

Judith Smith
Musical Director
James Newby
Jean Manning, Keith Webster, Martin Whitaker/div>
Stage Manager
Jeremy Stokes
Stage Crew
Keith Lowe
Savoyards Appreciation Society (W. Yorks)
Costumes and Props
Gilbert & Sullivan Costume Hire, Halifax
Helen Bolton, Margaret Charlesworth, Jen Whittam
Jenny Grove
Richard Dipple
Programme Editors
Jane and Gordon Fawcett
Kath Whitaker
Dignitaries Host
David Manning