1995 – Patience


Colonel Calverley (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
Tony Lancaster
Major Murgatroyd (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
James Lancaster
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable (Officer of the Dragoon Guards)
Martin Whitaker
Reginald Bunthorne (a Fleshly Poet)
Sid Kenningham
Archibald Grosvenor (an Idyllic Poet)
John Townend
Mr. Bunthorne’s Solicitor
Graham Weston
The Lady Angela (Rapturous Maiden)
Jane Trudgill
The Lady Saphir (Rapturous Maiden)
Barbara Nash
The Lady Ella (Rapturous Maiden)
Margaret Charlesworth
The Lady Jane (Rapturous Maiden)
Jean Manning
Patience (a Dairy Maid)
Corinne J. Stokes

Chorus of Rapturous Maidens: Helen Bolton, Catherine Byrne, Val English, Jo Emmott, Freda Farrar, Margaret Ford, Sheila Hargreaves, Clare Hartlebury, Kath Lowe, Pat Smith, Sharon Townend, Jen Whittam, Elizabeth Zserdicky

Officers of Dragoon Guards: Tim Butler, Malcolm Byrne, Bill Charlesworth, Tony Johnson, Ernie Lowe, Stephen Mohun, Dave Plimmer, Des Sinclair, Eric Smith, George Squires, Matthew Wales, Jay Whittam,

Production Team

Producer and Director
James Newby
Musical Director
James Newby
Chorus Master
Jeremy Stokes
Marion Wood
Assistant Accompanist
Alan Rothwell
Stage Manager
Jeremy Stokes
Scenery Design
James Newby and Martin Whitaker
Clifford & Brown, Nuneaton
Vernon Blades
Helen Bolton with Margaret Charlesworth and Jen Whittam
Sharon Townend
Stuart and Jenny Grove
Jenny Grove
Peter Cooling
Sue Keighley
Programme Editor
Tony Johnson
Dignitaries Hosts
Marlene Oldroyd
Rehearsal Refreshments
Barbara Nash and Helen Bolton
Jean Manning


This production was also performed at the 2nd International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, Buxton.  G .Weston was awarded “best supporting actor” for his performance as the non-singing, non-speaking, Solicitor!