1994 – The Gondoliers


The Duke of Plaza-Toro (a grandee of Spain)
Sid Kenningham
Luiz (his Attendant)
Ian Henderson
Don Alhambra Del Bolero (the Grand Inquisitor)
John Townend
Marco Palmieri (a Venitian Gondolier)
Martin Whitaker
Giuseppe Palmieri (a Venitian Gondolier)
John Whitworth
Antonio (a Venitian Gondolier)
James Lancaster
Francesco (a Venitian Gondolier)
Chris Battensby
Giorgio (a Venitian Gondolier)
Dave Plimmer
Annibale (a Venitian Gondolier)
Ian Gentles
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro
Jean Manning
Casilda (her Daughter)
Barbara Nash
Gianetta (Contadine)
Corinne Stokes
Tessa (Contadine)
Elizabeth Zserdicky
Jane Trudgill
Vittoria (Contadine)
Sharon Townend
Guilia (Contadine)
Val English
Inez (the King’s Foster Mother)
Margaret Charlesworth

Gondoliers and Contadine, Men at Arms, Heralds and Pages
Helen Bolton, Freda Farrar, Margaret Ford, Jenny Grove, Sheila Hargreaves, Clare Hartlebury, Beryl Johnson, Gina Mallinson, Anne Parkin, Jo-Anne Stokes, Joyce Walker, Jen Whittam
Gentlemen: Tim Butler, Bill Charlesworth, Tony Johnson, Des Sinclair, Eric Smith, George Squires, Matthew Wales, Nicholas Walker, Jay Whittam

Production Team

Producer and Director
Tony Lancaster
Musical Director
James Newby
Marion Wood
Assistant Accompanists
Alan Rothwell, Michael Mills, Christine Grundy
Stage Manager
Jeremy Stokes
Scenery Designer
Arthur Starkie
Scenery Building
Arthur Starkie, Irene Starkie
Vernon Blades
Stage Crew
Matthew Wakefield, Keith Lowe, Gordon Lancaster, Simon Putscher, Barry Hartlebury
Margaret Charlesworth with Helen Bolton, Jenny Grove, Beryl Johnson, Jen Whittam
Diane Turner
Stuart Grove
Anne Squires / Josephine Williams
Barry Hartlebury, Wakefield Camera Club
Sue Keighley
Programme Editor
Tony Johnson
Dignitaries Host
Marlene Oldroyd
Rehearsal Refreshments
Barbara Nash, Helen Bolton
Jean Manning