1988 – The Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance


Major-General Stanley
Sid Kenningham
The Pirate King
Maurice Smithirst
Samuel (his lieutenant)
David Culpan
Frederic (the pirate apprentice)
David Hookham
Sergeant of Police
John Townend
Corrine J. Stokes
Margaret Charlesworth
Jenny Grove
Val English
Ruth (a piratical maid of all work)
Marlene Oldroyd

Mens Chorus
Tony Johnson, Martin Ripley, Stan Guest, Joe Zserdikey, Bill Charlesworth, Tony Lancaster, George Squires, Jeremy Stokes, Des Sinclair, Ian Gentles, Matthew Wilton, Lawrence Imeson, Tim Butler, Robert Hepworth, Basil Wood, Bob Hamp.

Ladies Chorus
Beryl Johnson, Ann Squires, Eileen Culpan, Mavis Guest, Jo-Anne Stokes, Fay Wilton, Val Lancaster, Clare Rhodes, Shirley Stephens, Lyndsey Ripley, Anne Parkin, Michelle Carver, Lindsey Hans, Sheila Hargreaves, Olive Johnson, Sheila Young.

Production Team

Director and Choreographer
Barry Atkinson
Musical Director
Edward Child
Marion Wood
Assistant Accompanist
Paul Doolan
Stage Manager
David Curtin
Assistant Stage Manager
Gordon Lancaster
Maureen Hargrave
Set Construction
Fay Wilton
Hazel Crosby, Angela Grove, Amanda Parr

Thanks To:
Tingley Sylvians; Chevet Hall Nureries; Hombergs of Leeds; Front of House Staff; Leeds Arts Guild; The Staff of the Theatre Royal Opera House

The Pirates of Penzance full cast
The Pirates of Penzance full cast