Wakefield Gilbert & Sullivan Society

2007 – The Pirates of Penzance

The Pirates of Penzance 2007 - poster

2007 The Pirates of Penzance poster

NODA Poster Competition - Runner up

NODA Poster Competition - Runner up


Major-General Stanley
Bobbie Greatorex
The Pirate King
David Parker
Samuel (his Lieutenant)
Gordon Fawcett
Frederic (the Pirate Apprentice)
Richard Dipple
Sergeant of Police
Richard Briggs
Mabel (Major-General Stanley’s daughter)
Hollie Denton
Edith (Major-General Stanley’s daughter)
Shorelle Hepkin
Kate (Major-General Stanley’s daughter)
Val English
Isabel (Major-General Stanley’s daughter)
Pauline Hepkin
Ruth (a Pirate Maid of all Work)
Jane Fawcett

Chorus of Major-General Stanley’s Daughters and Chaperones: Liz Blount, Helen Bolton, Nadine Briggs, Margaret Charlesworth, Jenny Grove, Gill Cunliffe, Tina Greatorex, Tracy Laverick, Kath Lowe, Mary-Jane Mullins, Barbara Nash, Pat Smith, Angela Upton, Hazel Walton, Jennifer Whittam, Liz Zserdicky

Chorus of Pirates and Police: Peter Bolton, Tim Butler, Clive Daniel, Tony Johnson, Andy Laverick, Ernie Lowe, Stan Parkinson, Simon Phillips, Eric Smith, Ian Stephenson, Barry Walton, Jay Whittam

Production Team

Artistic Director
Graham Weston
Musical Director
James Newby
Norman Walker
Stage manager
Jeremy Stokes
Stage Crew
Keith Lowe and the A Team
Savoyards Appreciation Society (West Yorkshire)
Costumes and Props.
Berenice (Stage Costume Hire), Dore G & S Society, G & S Costume Hire, Halifax
Helen Bolton, Jen Whittam
Jenny Grove
Richard Dipple
Programme Editor
Jane and Gordon Fawcett
Dignitaries Hosts
Richard Briggs, Mark Briggs
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